Saxophone player and composer John Snauwaert has a very wide scope and is an artistic world traveler. Thus he made acquaintance with Petar Elmazof (Bulgaria), Chergio de Susa and Pipo Fernandes (Cuba, the latter member of the B V S C), Mahbub & Satar Khan (India). He also played on stage with jazz masters as Lowell Fulson, Isaac Hurley, Gene Bertoncini, Bob Mover, Gary Smulyan, Nilson Matta, Dick Oats, Roni Ben-Hur, Jeff Gardner… As a composer and musician he worked for Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg, het Muziek Lod, De Werf, Victoria, De Vieze Gasten and Circus Picolini. He loves the music/image combination and wrote music for the animated movies ‘papa trumpet’ and ‘Meme’ by Eveline Verschorre and also for ‘The Bed’ by Luc Degryze. He really can handle any genre.